Who Are We?

The Force behind the ultra-gourmet madness—passion— and pure innovation of Dress The Drink™ (DTD)

Who I am really depends on the day and the hour. I could be creating new garnishes and blend concepts with the team. I could be ordering fresh produce or managing the RD team, or I could be with a client as we brainstorm through a creative development session. I wear many hats at DTD, “which I love.” Working in a creative environment means no two days are exactly alike and creativity is not just a job it is a way of life that never stops spinning. “Hi, I’m Cindy McClure, the CEO and Founder of DTD.”

In May of 2008, I launched DTD with a luxury garnish kit for beverages. Then came the promotional movie venue for Sex and the City. Dress The Drink™ was set on the fast track, arriving in New York City as the VIP sponsor for Manolos & Martinis, as well as the after party. My motto: “Great ideas turn into successful businesses with the right team of talent, timing, and the drive to succeed.”


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2009 is when I joined forces with Cindy. Since then, DTD has undergone a re-branding transformation as well as positioning itself on the national and international stage with some of the world’s renowned Food and Beverage companies. “Hello, I’m Diane Svehlak, President & Partner of DTD.”

I have a visionary style of branding, marketing, management. I have a history of building partnerships which are laudable and esteemed in the beverage, hospitality, and advertising-media industry. I identify opportunities where DTD will grow market share and where our national and international growth plans will play a pivotal role, from developing strategies to accelerating DTD’s branding, sales and profit potential.

DTD has developed the ability to launch new product offerings and follow a global strategy that targets high growth niche players in many cross co-branding market channels. In accordance with Cindy’s motto, DTD’s perfect blend includes our talented chefs, our mixologists, Blake and AK (business partners), our R&D team, and our clients. And, there is the added bonus of sharing DTD’s successes with my business partner, Cindy.


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