Meet the Force behind the ultra-gourmet madness,
passion, and pure innovation of Dress The Drink.™


Cindy McClure

CEO/Founder/Trouble Maker Extraordinaire


Dress The Drink was born in 2008 out of a desire to provide a better life for my son and I.

My name is Cindy McClure CEO/Founder of Dress The Drink LLC.

We have celebrated our 11 year anniversary and continue to carve out our niche. From our beginnings in retail to our shift into wholesale, we are continually humbled to work with some of the largest national restaurant chains, hotel brands and beverage brands, nationally. To date, our products are enjoyed in over 1800 locations nationwide and regularly to Sweden.

All of our products are manufactured all naturally, we never use artificial preservatives, flavorings. Everything we create and manufacture is done the way nature intended the flavor to be. We do not skimp on quality, look or taste, which has been our finest ingredient for success.

In our desire to return to retail, we partnered with our Chef to create 86’D. A Line of gourmet, cooking seasonings that are made from the finest ingredients. Our collection is not your normal, seen everywhere fare. The creativity from our kitchen will exude just that in yours. From our seasonings to our olive oil powders, we enhance everything you eat and drink.

#teamDTD is comprised of people that mattered to me long before they joined DTD, and to me that adds to our recipe for success. 5 people regularly manufacture over 2 million units annually, and they do so, because each of them matter in the most extraordinary of ways.

Diane Svehlak

Matt McClure



Donna Floth

Donna Floth


Donna Floth

Blake Hovey


Donna Floth

Cymbra Frazier




"Working with the DTD team is a true pleasure. Their constant innovation, quality product and thorough communication makes DTD one of the best companies in the business. The DTD team creates garnishes and proprietary ideas that I am proud to present to my customers, leaving an indelible impression every time."

Stephanie Bianchi, Innovation Commercial Manager, East

William Grant & Sons Inc

"Working with Dress The Drink has always been a pleasure. Whatever I need, Cindy and her team can always accommodate. Not only that, but Cindy and her team always turn around projects in a very timely manner!"

J.R. Starkus, District Manager, Brand Development & Resorts Mixology

Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Nevada

"I am absolutely enamored with Dress The Drink! I began my relationship with them in 2014 when I started my career with Big Steaks Management. I have been extremely pleased with the products and service Dress The Drink provides. As the purchaser for our Ruths Chris Steak Houses, I find their brand exceeds our standards. They make innovative, creative, appealing and delicious garnishes which live up to our brand, complement our cocktails and impress our guests. Additionally, Cindy and Donna are fantastic to work with; I often reach out to the girls for suggestions for our latest concoction, and they never fail to create something unique and tasty…they are truly the best!

Theresa Donnelly, Director of Purchasing

Ruths Chris Steak House, Big Steaks Management

“I enjoy working with Dress The Drink because the garnishes created for us serve a dual purpose. They add a level of exquisiteness but also edible. To me it is impractical to have something in your drink that you cannot consume.”

Nate Hedlund, Director of Beverage

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

“I own a brewery and a bar consulting business in Las Vegas and endeavor to include Dress The Drink products in every project I am associated with. Why? Because I always get 3 things: an unparalleled dedication and understanding of what it means to produce handcrafted items, a personalizing of EVERY product to ensure that it fits my beverage's flavor profile and presentation needs, and unmatched creativity and imagination in product development. Dress The Drink garnishes give my beverages the "WOW" factor that make good drinks great and great drinks even better. Cindy is at the forefront of a movement within the cocktail culture and I'm fully convinced the next modern classic cocktail to emerge will feature one of Cindy's amazing creations.

James Manos, Owner-Able Baker Brewing

James Manos Beverage Consulting